Admiral's Oath

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Release Date:January 11, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 9 min

AN EMPIRE BROKEN BY HUBRIS AN OFFICER RAISED BY CHANCE OATHS THAT MUST BE HONORED OATHS THAT MUST BE BETRAYED Rear Admiral James Tecumseh barely survived his last mission against the Alliance of Free Stars with his reputation and life intact. Under a cloud of suspicion, he has been assigned to a quiet sector far from the front of the Terran Commonwealth’s war with the Castle Federation and its allies. But when the Federation’s Operation Medusa cripples his nation’s communications and plummets an interstellar empire into silence, Admiral Tecumseh finds himself thrust into command of an entire fleet—and responsible for the safety of billions of innocent souls. Enemies internal and external alike challenge the nation he is sworn to serve. Duty and honor call him to action to protect the innocent, and the Admiral and his new fleet are called to war once more. But the darkest treason lurks where no one expects it…

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