Reign of Stars and Fire
Reign of Stars and Fire
The Broken Kingdoms - Book 8

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Release Date:February 6, 2024
Duration:13 hr, 45 min

Nothing is as it seems. It never was.

With darkness spreading across the fae isles, the reluctant raven queen seeks the aid of Calista, the storyteller, and unwittingly falls into a dark tale of twisted fates. To save Ari from being lost in a fae sleep, Saga will reach into the past and uncover deadly secrets left behind by her brother, the last fate king. Both Saga and Ari must unravel the lies of their world if they are to stand a chance at defeating the fiercest enemy yet. But when their actions lead to the destruction of every kingdom, Saga and Ari must make a choice: risk the lives of those they love or burn the world to save each other. Return to the epic, passionate love story of Ari and Saga in the spicy new adult fantasy romance where fae Vikings come to life with heart-stopping battles, dangerous magic, and tantalizing romance.

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