City of the Sleeping Gods
City of the Sleeping Gods
The Nighthelm Guardian - Book 1

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Release Date:October 15, 2019
Duration:8 hr, 37 min

Nighthelm is a city of lies, and Sophia is the greatest lie of them all. Though she has saved the city hundreds of times, the people of Nighthelm don’t even know she exists.

Found wandering the Witch Woods as a child, everything about Sophia is a mystery. With no memories and no family, she’s raised in secret by the professors of Nighthelm Academy…all of whom know far more about her than they’re letting on.  But Sophia does know one thing: she’s a contritum, a magical being with a broken soul. Her very existence is illegal, and until she finds the other piece of her soul, her uncontrollable magic will only grow more deadly and untamed.  As Sophia races the clock to find her other half, her magic growing more wild by the minute, she discovers three men who hold a mysterious sway over not just her soul, but also her heart.  The problem? She must lie. No matter what happens, she can’t tell them who…or what…she is.  Strong and dangerous, powerful and commanding, each of these men make her body react in traitorous ways. Bit by bit, she feels herself becoming whole around them. But for the life of her, she can’t figure out which of them has the missing piece to her soul…or how he got it in the first place.  To make matters worse, it becomes clear someone broke her soul on purpose…and she’s on a warpath to figure out why.  In a world rife with heartbreaking betrayal and intricate spells, the magical creatures of the Witch Woods are closing in on Nighthelm. They all want one thing…Sophia.  The monsters of the Witch Woods have discovered what she is, and they want to slit her throat. They’ll kill anyone who stands in their way…especially her men.  To save her men and finally heal her broken life, Sophia has only one choice - she will fight. And damn it all, she will win. City of the Sleeping Gods is an alternative relationship dynamic that supports our badass heroine's right to choose more than one man. Get ready for a breathtaking story, soulmate romance, lip-biting love scenes, mind-blowing magic, one kickass heroine, three gorgeous men, lots of toned muscles, fights to the death, and edge-of-your-seat action.  Warning: The Nighthelm Guardian Series is an adult fantasy series with explicit scenes and is meant for adult listeners who enjoy steamy scenes and lip-biting action.

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