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Release Date:February 20, 2024
Duration:8 hr, 27 min


He crushed my heart when he was just an awkward teenager. Now that he’s a ruthless, intimidatingly gorgeous billionaire CEO, he’s determined to crush my dreams as well. This is the biggest break of my career. Everyone is relying on me to make the perfect pitch for the project. But, when the man to decide my fate strolls into the conference room, I struggle to remember my own name, let alone the presentation I’ve been preparing for weeks. To say I crash and burn is an understatement. Why would Harry pretend he doesn’t know me? Why would he humiliate me? Wasn’t he the one to break my heart all those years ago? Wasn’t I_ _the one who was ghosted? It hurts to feel unwanted by the one person I used to think I could trust, but then that feeling is nothing new to me, given my past. Harry I left my nerdy teenage side behind long ago. All it ever got me was bullied at school by the posh kids and let down by the prettiest girl I ever saw. So I’ll show Verity how far I’ve come and punish her for ever rejecting me. Why, then, when I should be basking in my revenge, can I not get the hurt expression on her beautiful face out of my mind? What if I got it wrong all those years ago, leaving her when she needed me the most? What if I let love slip through my fingers then, and now I’m repeating the same mistake? Unwanted is a full-length, standalone, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance.

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