The Dressmaker on Amelia Island
The Dressmaker on Amelia Island
Seven Sisters - Book 6

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Release Date:July 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 9 min

A sisterhood saga with threads of drama, dreams, and danger.

Life for the Wingate women of Amelia Island is never dull! While Raina balances the challenge of nurturing newborn twins and a budding romance, trouble arrives on her doorstep to threaten her sweet new life. And when Tori and Justin firmly disagree on an issue that affects the whole family, their love faces a test that could end their relationship forever. One person in the family is enmeshed in the adventure of a lifetime, and she’s keeping the secret from everyone but her former flame. Under the guise of creating a wedding dress for a mafia princess, Madeline steps into a thrilling but risky new role. Leaving the safety and security of her quiet life, this dressmaker must put everything on the line to protect the people she loves most. As the winds of change blow over Wingate Way, the seven sisters continue to face every crisis with strength, grace, humor, and love.

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