Reaching Ryan

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Release Date:January 23, 2024
Duration:7 hr, 43 min

Ryan is broken.

Damaged beyond repair. Angry and hostile toward everyone around him. Everyone but me. It makes no sense. We’re strangers. We barely know each other. But there’s no denying the way I feel when I see him. The things I want when he touches me. He tells me those things are impossible. That the way I feel is wrong. That what I want will never happen. Can’t happen. I should be afraid of him, but I’m not. I should stay away from him, but I can’t. Because I know Ryan isn’t as broken as he seems. He isn’t as unreachable as he wants to be. And if he’d let me in, what we could be together could fix us both. Ryan and Grace's story concludes in book eight, Giving Grace.

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