Conquering Conner
Conquering Conner
The Gilroy Clan - Book 4

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Release Date:March 21, 2023
Duration:9 hr, 42 min

Conner Gilroy was my brother’s best friend.

Popular. Smart. Gorgeous. With his cocky grin and perfect family, he was the fantasy of almost every girl I knew, including mine. And for some reason, he wanted me. Me, Henley O’Connell; the ugly bookworm with bright orange hair. Poor white trash with a quick temper and a chip on her shoulder. He confused me and made me angry. He treated me like I was something more than what I was. Like maybe what I wanted wasn’t just a silly fantasy. Like maybe it was real. As much as I wanted to trust him—believe in him—I couldn’t. I pushed him away. I left Boston. Tried to move on without him. Tried to pretend that letting him go wasn’t the single worst mistake of my life. But now I’m back. It wasn’t supposed to be forever, it was temporary. A way to find closure. A way to move on. To prove to myself that I was right. That Conner Gilroy forgot about me as soon as I left. That I didn’t break his heart. He isn’t at all who I remember. He’s surly and arrogant. He drinks too much and calls me 'Daisy'. He scares me because one look at him and I know that there is no going back to my perfect life. Eight years later, I still want what he promised me. I want forever.

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