Confessions of a Hustla's Housekeeper 3
Confessions of a Hustla's Housekeeper 3
Confessions of a Hustla's Housekeeper - Book 3

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Release Date:November 22, 2022
Duration:9 hr, 10 min

Mama Vee finally feels like she has met her soulmate, and he doesn’t belong to another woman.

When she thinks she has finally found happiness and is ready to pursue this new and fresh love, her past comes knocking at her door. With Owen being the man she had always prayed for, Vee isn’t willing to let this relationship go. Will she be honest and tell him about her past? Or will she and her ‘past’ decide to take this secret to the grave? After all, Mama Vee is known to keep a secret or two. Roddy is stuck between a rock and a hard place. After finding out about Juleena’s secret abortion, he’s brought to a time when he lost his wife. Trying not to mentally lose it and remain strong, he distances himself from everyone. What happens when he finds out that Yves knew about Juleena’s plans before she went through with them? Yves has stuck by Roddy’s side, even playing second to his selfish fiancée. When Pooh decides he’s done playing small, and decides to apply more pressure behind Yves, will she take the bait? Or will she continue to follow behind Roddy with hopes that he’d finally choose her? Jia is tired of everyone coming at her behind Juleena’s abortion. She did what any mother would have–or at least that’s what she keeps telling herself. With a reality show in the works, she’s trying even harder to make her relationship work with Roddy. After all, Jia Love has an image to portray, and that includes Roddy and their ‘perfect’ relationship.

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