Stray Cat Strut 2
Stray Cat Strut 2
Stray Cat Strut - Book 2

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Release Date:October 18, 2022
Duration:14 hr, 41 min

A young warrior discovers her true potential as a cybernetic samurai battling conspiracies and aliens in this original, action-packed cyberpunk series.

There’s always a need for heroes in the city of New Montreal. So when a young girl is kidnapped by business-backed mercenaries, Catherine “Cat” LeBlanc—who’s been a cyber-samurai for little more than a day—teams up with pyrotechnic nun-samurai Gomorrah to determine why a corporation would target a child . . . and what exactly they did to her.   Having only recently ascended from your average nobody to what many would consider the pinnacle of humanity, the inexperienced Cat is overwhelmed, to say the least. She’s worried about how her girlfriend, Lucy, will react to the changes, and wonders whether she can use her newfound power and growing influence to care for her “kittens,” a group of orphans in her charge.   Meanwhile, as if black-ops assassins and their corporate masters weren’t dangerous enough, the alien Antithesis have infiltrated the mining town of Black Bear. Capable of mimicking inanimate objects, the aliens could be anywhere—and anything. Rooting out and combatting these shapeshifting aliens would be a chore for even the most seasoned samurai. For Cat, it will test the very limits of both her fighting skills and her ability to save lives.   The second volume of the hit LitRPG sci-fi series—with more than nine million views on Royal Road—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold! 

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