Pavi Proczko
About the Performer
Pavi Proczko is one of the leading narrators for the LitRPG/Progression/Cultivation fantasy genres, with over 125 titles currently available. He has 15+ years experience in acting and vocal performance with various media, including Theater, Musical Theater, Opera, Commercial and Corporate voice-over and film, and TV. Pavi specializes in bringing stories to life with strong characters and vocal expression. He co-hosts the story-review podcast “Then, A Moment”.
Books From The Performer
The Daily Grind 5
The Daily Grind 4
The Daily Grind 3
Stray Cat Strut 5
Stray Cat Strut 4
The Daily Grind 2
The Daily Grind
Stray Cat Strut 3
Stray Cat Strut 2
Tartarus Rising
Futures Grave
Stray Cat Strut
Asgard's Fall
Modern Paladin: Publisher's Pack
The Dao of Magic V
The Dao of Magic IV
The Dao of Magic III
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