Infinite Dusk

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Release Date:June 15, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:15 hr, 19 min

The apocalyptic event known as the Reset took place five years ago...

In the span of a few seconds, ninety percent of the world's population was killed by a mysterious alien force. The ten percent left had their memories wiped. They were given incredible superpowers and a LitRPG stat system that allowed them to advance their skills. But they lost a lot of technology in the process. Many lost their humanity. Sterling Monedero was one of these survivors. Given the ability of a necromancer, Sterling got a group of superpowereds together to fight off the monolithic alien crafts known as Godwalkers that caused the Reset. Three years ago, Sterling failed. Retiring to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Sterling now plans to live out the rest of his days growing chili peppers and minding his own business. He does just that until a local group of bandits known as the Killbillies come for him, hoping to collect a tax. As he defends his property, one of the Godwalkers appears in the sky and destroys his farm. Now, he wants vengeance. It's time for Sterling to embrace his necrotic powers as he journeys across the Southwest putting the team back together again. The Godwalkers must be getting power from somewhere, and through ancient, native knowledge, and a little bit of luck, Sterling hopes to run these alien overlords out of the Southwest for good.  It's going to be an uphill battle, but if anyone is up to the task, it is the post-apocalyptic pepper farmer some call the cowboy necromancer. Immerse yourself in book one of this LitRPG western set in the post-apocalyptic Southwest, inspired by The Dark TowerOld Man Logan, and Red Dead Redemption. Expect classes, leveling, and skill trees that will feel familiar to any fan of role-playing games or the GameLit genre. Add to that a heavily researched series that blends Southwest mysticism with high tech and dangerous monsters, all in a setting big enough for the Grand Canyon. The Cowboy Necromancer series is a story unlike any you’ve read in the genre, one that blends languages, culture, action, true history, and suspense as Sterling and his team of superpowereds try to stop the alien monoliths from destroying what is left of humanity.

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