Brambles and Thorns
Brambles and Thorns
The Infinite World - Book 4

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Performed By:Tim Campbell
Release Date:April 12, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:19 hr, 31 min

Life was simpler when someone was around to tell him what to do.

With a band of Adventurers looking to him for direction, whether he likes it or not, Trent Embra needed to figure out how to lead them. But how was he supposed to lead when there were so many things Trent hadn't figured out for himself? An unidentifiable seed in his Storage, and whispers in his head, Trent points his team west towards the wilds. It was as good a direction as any. Maybe in uncivilized lands, Trent would learn what it meant to be an Adventurer and sort through what mattered most.

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