A Sovereign's Rebellion
A Sovereign's Rebellion
Dragon's Dilemma - Book 3

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Release Date:July 11, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:21 hr, 29 min

Rhelea has fallen, Monsters walk on the surface of Astresia, and a hostile fleet sails from east to west, causing nations to collapse within hours of its arrival. The age of kings is finally ending, and what comes next is going to be considerably more violent.

Having traveled to Terythia’s capital, Typh and Arilla have pleaded with the humans who rule from their palatial estates to change their ways before it’s too late. Our duo have begged and scraped, sent out missives and emissaries all proclaiming the dire end that awaits them all should the eldritch Monsters be allowed to roam the surface unchecked. But the high nobles inside Helion have no intention of listening to an upjumped commoner and a dragon. Instead, they bury their heads in the sand, host extravagant balls, and play political games while the continent around them crumbles. Lured in as mere pieces on a board to be bartered between houses, Typh and Arilla will have to show the great dynasties that they’re done waiting to be heard. Some changes have to be forced. The queer romantic, epic fantasy LitRPG genre mashup continues with A Sovereign's Rebellion, book three of Dragon's Dilemma!

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