David A. Wells
About the Author
David was born in LaGrande, Oregon in 1969 and grew up in Portland. He joined the Army out of high school, then went on to college. After that he worked--mostly warehouse and driving jobs, all requiring long hours. Having been an avid fan of fantasy and science fiction, he decided to become a creator of worlds, beginning with the Seven Isles--a place of ancient magic and an even more ancient evil. With the Sovereign of the Seven Isles complete, David began writing the Dragonfall Trilogy, set on earth 2178, seventy-five years after dragonfall.
Books From The Author
The Dragon's Fang
The Dragon's Codex
The Dragon's Egg
The Sovereign of the Seven Isles Omnibus
Reishi Adept
Cursed Bones
Blood of the Earth
Sovereign Stone
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