Savy Des-Etages
About the Performer
Savy Des-Etages is an experienced voice actor and audiobook narrator hailing from Lancashire, UK. Armed with a pro home studio and a versatile voice, she has worked with clients all over the world. Savy's roles and VO interests are as unique and wide-ranging as her ethnic mix: Black (Trinidad & Tobago), MENA/SWANA (Iraq), Slav (Yugoslavia, which obviously doesn't exist anymore but her parents reckon Serbia!) and this mixing pot of cultures with a British foundation finds expression in all sorts of fun ways and nuanced characters. When it comes to audiobooks, Savy believes that they shouldn't just be narrated but PERFORMED. She loves bringing characters to life and creating a truly special listen.
Books From The Performer
Imperial Entanglements
Pearls of Salt and Sacrifice
Fortress of Blood and Power
Sporemageddon Vol. 3
A Glitch in the Protocols
Sporemageddon Vol. 2
Castle of Dusk and Shadows
Sporemageddon Vol. 1
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