Neil Hellegers
About the Performer
Neil Hellegers is an actor and Audie-nominated, award-winning audiobook narrator who lives in Brooklyn, NYC. With over 350 narrations, Neil has a focus in GameLit, with ample forays into Non-Fiction, Thrillers, and Paranormal Fiction, with deep dives into Classic Lit. Neil can also be seem on-screen playing a variety of bearded professionals/dads, and has taught and performed Shakespeare around the world.
Books From The Performer
Human Hunger
Empire of Oshbob
Warring Insanity
The Man Who Sought Infinity
The Rise of Oshbob
Tail Smash
Wings Spread
An Outcast in Another World: Ascendant Insanity
Claws Out
Duel to the Death
Rising Insanity
Shared Insanity
Human Insanity
Kensei: Rebirth of the Sword Saint, Volume 1
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