Cassandra Medcalf
About the Performer
Cassandra Medcalf is an author, narrator, audio engineer, food enthusiast, wine taster, do-it-yourselfer, and an amateur film critic (despite not having seen hardly any movies). She lives on a future vineyard, in a future dream home in upstate New York with her adorable husband and their even more adorable dogs. You can follow her and her family’s hare-brained schemes and lofty pursuits on her website, cassandramedcalf.com (or, if you’d rather just look at the pictures and watch videos, on instagram or tiktok @CassandraMedcalfVO).
Books From The Performer
Strictly Not Yours
Good Girl
Earth Magic & Hot Water
Boss Daddies
Strictly For Now
Sins of a Dragon
Strictly Pleasure
Strictly Business
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