Demon Princess Magical Chaos

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The Tentacle Awakens
Academy Days
Starchild Crusaders
A Space Oddity
The Divine Seven
Paths of Exiles
The Return of the Queen
Pierce the Heavens
Performed By:Katana Jones
Release Date:June 8, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:122 hr, 52 min

Death and reincarnation.

Kuroe Makoto, the tomboyish ace of her high school track-and-field club, never spared a thought for these things before. However, when she falls asleep in her Tokyo home after an exhausting marathon and wakes up in a fantasy world, those concepts become her reality. Unlike common light novel settings, she isn't reincarnated as the naturally good-looking and talented human hero who gathers a harem effortlessly. In fact, she isn't reincarnated as a human at all. She is reborn as "Chaos", child of the demon queen and heir to a kingdom at war with humanity.  _The Tentacle Awakens _puts the Japanese high school girl in a tentacle monster in this strange tale of a sound human who mind-possesses a horrifying creature's body. Join Chaos on her oftentimes humorous but also perilous journey through a world of sword and sorcery, as she discovers a newfound appetite for life, terror, and demi-human girls. _The Demon Princess Magical Chaos series contains gore and explicit sexual content. It's intended for mature listeners. _

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