Beastly Alien Boss

Titles From This Series
Nailing the Alien
Leashing the Alien
Catering to the Alien
Cultivating the Alien
Domesticating the Alien
Handcuffing the Alien
Pirating the Alien
Schooling the Alien
Release Date:April 18, 2023
Series Duration:51 hr, 3 min

Can I resist my grouchy orc boss?

Desperate to escape the clutches of the alien lizard mafia, I accept a spur-of-the-moment job offer on a distant planet. A monstrous, grumpy alien is building a new home in a distant colony, and he’s looking for an assistant. He needs me to hold his hammer. I get it. It’s a big hammer. He's a lonely barbarian brute with a gruff exterior, but I soon learn that inside, he's hiding a squishy center. When he unexpectedly enters his mating frenzy, there’s no one around to handle the job—except me. He gives me two options: return home or stay and help him with a whole different kind of nailing. Nailing the Alien is book one in the Beastly Alien Boss series. Each features a brutish alien who can’t resist falling for his fated mate.

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