Pirating the Alien
Pirating the Alien
Beastly Alien Boss - Book 7

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Release Date:December 12, 2023
Duration:6 hr, 1 min

I’m falling for my space pirate boss, but rogue aliens are after him—and now me.

It is a simple job. Sneak aboard a pirate spaceship and steal a precious artifact from the brooding, too-hot captain, Matis. Before I know it, I’ll be on my way back to Earth with enough credits to cure my mom’s sickness. Is it my fault I accidentally stab him? Instead of making me walk the interstellar plank, he makes me serve as his cabin boy. Good thing he doesn’t realize I’m not a boy. His snarly outside hides a squishy center, but someone’s out to kill him, and who needs to get tangled up in that? Then we’re trapped on a rogue space station with alien pirates trying to kill us. He discovers my secret. He says we’ll escape—and then he’s claiming me as his fated mate. Pirating the Alien is book 7 of the Beastly Alien Boss Series of interconnected standalones that can be listened to in any order. Expect strong women and heroes who are battle-ready, who talk dirty, and who will do everything to be with their fated mates.

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