Schooling the Alien
Schooling the Alien
Beastly Alien Boss - Book 8

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Release Date:January 9, 2024
Duration:5 hr, 59 min

Do I dare give my broken heart to an alien as wounded as me?

When I took a nanny job in a distant colony caring for two young boys who recently lost their mother, I expected I’d grow to love them. Having experienced loss myself, I knew how hard it was to heal. What I didn’t expect was to fall for their father, a big, burly alien with scars on his body that mirror those in my soul. Between teaching the boys and bringing fun back into their lives, I get to know Firoh, a guy I sense needs love as much as I do. It isn’t long before I can see myself living in this alien colony forever, as long as I can be with Firoh and his sons. When the boys’ past threatens everything Firoh and I are building together, we’ll have to expose our hearts to each other to fight off the threat. Schooling the Alien is book eight in the Beastly Alien Boss series of interconnected standalones. Expect strong women and heroes who will do anything to be with their fated mates.

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