Wed to the Alien Assassin
Wed to the Alien Assassin
Accidental Alien Brides - Book 6

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Release Date:September 26, 2023
Duration:5 hr, 53 min

My husband is the deadliest alien warlord of all, and I hate that about him... until he's exactly what I need.

I've dedicated my life to doing as much good as possible. I won’t let my marriage to the big and buff alien assassin, Feruz, wreck my plans. I don't care if I accidentally swore to be his mate at what I thought was a welcoming ceremony. My morals are the polar opposite of his, and I want nothing to do with him... even if my new life on his planet is a bit lonely. When Feruz offers me a way out of our marriage, I take it in a heartbeat. If I go on one date with him to a relaxing resort and still want out of our marriage, he’ll leave me alone. Except, our date quickly goes bad: my husband is the target of ruthless mercenaries who also want to kidnap me. I am determined to abide by my non-violent oaths… an oath Feruz agrees to honor as well, even if it goes against all his training and instincts. I never imagined Feruz would be the sort of male I’d want by my side, but when push comes to shove, he might be a better partner than I could ever imagine.

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