Wed to the Alien Brute
Wed to the Alien Brute
Accidental Alien Brides - Book 3

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Release Date:April 11, 2023
Duration:6 hr, 51 min

My dreams of marrying a hot alien came true—except the grumpy brute can’t stand me.

I am the only one excited—okay, delighted—at finding myself married to a hulking, alien warlord. I’ve always been into scales and tails, and this big green beefcake is right up my alley. Except, he’s not into me. But I want my fun, and that’s the very least I can get out of this arranged marriage. I’m determined to get my way, and I’m sick of being ignored. When my grumpy husband leaves for the capital, I have an evil plan: stow away on his ship and wear him down with my sunny disposition. Except, he’s not going to the capital. He’s scoping out a secret base, and he is _furious _with me. When the enemy—Roth—board our ship, endangering his mission and me, his grouchy front cracks. If we want to survive, he’ll have to realize there’s more to me than sunshine and rainbows...and I’ll have to figure out if I'm brave enough to give him what he wants: love.

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