Wed to the Alien Rogue
Wed to the Alien Rogue
Accidental Alien Brides - Book 8

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Release Date:June 4, 2024
Duration:6 hr, 15 min

Sure, he's my husband—but we're just friends.

The minute our commanding officers assign us to track down the Roth and missing human women, I know it's a setup. Just my huge husband, Aeroz, and me together in a small spaceship for however long it takes? Yeah. It's definitely a setup. But Aeroz is an absolute gentleman—er, gentlealien—and not only do we get along great, but we're also a good team. He's a great sparring partner; he's charming and funny, and I love beating him at whatever Earth or Suevan game we play before we go to our respective beds at night. Everything changes, though, when we have to pretend to be on a lover's vacation to blend in on a space station in our hunt for the Roth. The tension heats up until I realize maybe... just maybe, Aeroz might be more than a friend. Much more. We have a job to do, though, and it's dangerous. The Roth are headed to Earth again, and we are the ones closest enough to stop them from mounting another devastating invasion. We don't have time to be distracted by love. Or is love exactly what we need to save the day?

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