Blood Sanctuary Part One
Blood Sanctuary Part One
Blood Grace - Book 3

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Release Date:September 12, 2023
Duration:15 hr, 46 min

Their love could last forever—unless the king’s assassins cut her life short…

Cassia has reunited with her beloved Lio in the land of eternal night. She longs to become a Hesperine like him so they can stay together for all time, but she’s torn between their happiness and her duty to the kingdom of mortals. To win her freedom, she must convince the humans to ally with the Hesperines despite centuries of conflict. Lio won’t force her to stay by revealing their blood bond, although certain death awaits him if she leaves. While they negotiate for peace in public, he tempts her in private with the promise of everlasting passion. The king's agents will block an alliance at any cost. Can Lio protect Cassia when she becomes their target? Steamy romance meets classic fantasy worldbuilding in the Blood Grace series. Follow fated mates Cassia and Lio through their epic story of forbidden love for a guaranteed series HEA.

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