DragonKin - Book 2

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Performed By:Joel Leslie
Release Date:July 16, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:6 hr, 12 min

Two lovers, our dragons, eggs on the way, and one cottage.

It’s everything I need to be happy. But my partners were meant for greater things; I can feel it in my bones. Kirby is radiance and light. His presence is too big for a Welsh valley in the middle of nowhere. Cai is doing so well, but he is clearly a shattered man. They both need more, and I need to give it to them. The world needs them too. It would be selfish of me to keep Cai and Kirby to myself. If only I knew how to get us out of this situation. Then, the night Ri lays his eggs, everything changes. I’m having visions. I know things I shouldn’t. I’m guided to a miracle for Cai. And when an injured tylwyth falls into my lap, I know just what to do. The world is changing, but with Kirby and Cai by my side, nothing—absolutely nothing—is going to keep me down. DragonSeer_ is set in our modern world, one where dragons fly every night, you just can’t see them. It contains a gay why-choose love triangle with high steam, high stakes, high angst, and a happy-for-now ending. It is book two of the series which is intended to be listened to in order. For mature listeners._

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