Throne of Air and Darkness
Throne of Air and Darkness
Secrets of the Faerie Crown - Book 2

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Release Date:July 23, 2024
Duration:14 hr, 13 min

Down, down, down. I am being pulled away, pulled apart, ripped at the very seams of my being. But a voice in the darkness, a name in the bitter cold air, pulls me back...

She was never meant to be Queen, but Veyka Pendragon sits on the throne nonetheless, High Queen of Annwyn, Protector of the faerie realm. And at her side? The male who was once her enemy, then her ally, and now, something else entirely. The secret she tried so hard to protect was a lie. So was the brother she loved so dearly. She can hardly trust the reality she sees with her own two eyes, let alone the feelings burning in her chest—feelings that she swore she’d never feel again. Arran Earthborn has spent three hundred years killing his way across battlefields to find his place beside the female he loves. He will do anything to keep her safe… even if it means burning Annwyn to the ground in a quest for the truth. But the answers they seek lurk beyond… in a land of pain and desperation. The human realm. The Secrets of the Faerie Crown series is a twisted mythology retelling of the Arthur legend. It is a high-steam fantasy romance with dark elements.

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