Gods of Wrath

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Release Date:September 8, 2020
Duration:17 hr, 7 min

Not all heroes wear capes and uniforms...or see themselves becoming the villain.

As his sophomore year wraps up, Hugo Malalou - aka Aegis - is living his best life. He’s working with Lady Liberty to protect San Miguel, acing all his classes, and casually dating three insanely hot girls. Until one routine night patrol nearly gets him killed.  Before long, he’s pulled into a dangerous pursuit that isolates him from his friends, while his list of enemies keeps growing. And when he becomes the city’s last defense against an all-powerful adversary, he’ll find himself in the fight of his life.  Quinn partners with Hugo to expose Paxton-Brandt’s unethical research on superhumans. But the multinational’s scorched-earth response leaves everyone she loves caught in the blast radius. Can she prevail and topple Paxton-Brandt or is this another example of Too Big to Fail? Meanwhile, Greyson begins his crusade to purge the world of superheroes. But his first target proves to be more than his match in power and purpose. And when a specter from his past makes their presence felt, Greyson’s mission might end before it even starts.  Warning: This novel contains profanity, open relationships, and ass-kicking superhero action. If you’re looking for reasons to be offended by profanity, open relationships, or ass-kicking superhero action, this novel might not be for you.

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