Extinction Level Event
Extinction Level Event
The Pantheon Saga - Book 8

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Release Date:June 6, 2023
Duration:20 hr, 53 min

Aegis versus Damocles. One last dance.

Damocles's latest attack has killed thousands in the city of San Miguel, including a beloved superhero. Aegis is hellbent on stopping Damocles before his murderous crusade continues, avenging both the city he swore to protect and his fallen mentor. But can he? Aegis's superpowers have grown unstable and, at times, diminished. Meanwhile, most of America's superheroes are either imprisoned or in hiding, thanks to the sweeping overreach of a corrupt president. Yet this teen superhero and what remains of his allies are our best hope against a psychotic supervillain with the power to level cities and a small army of supermen at his command. Is the Shield of Justice prepared for the biggest battle of his life? Are you? Find out in Extinction Level Event, book eight of the bestselling Pantheon Saga.

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