A Mage's Guide to Wicky
A Mage's Guide to Wicky
R'iyah Family Archives - Book 3

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Release Date:October 31, 2023
Duration:3 hr, 16 min

Wicky’s never been magically stalked before.

He kinda likes it, to be honest. For some reason, it’s upsetting everyone else, though. Maybe he should figure out who it is. Ooooo, maybe his fated one is on the other end! In…Thailand? Tags: Wicky use your brain challenge: Failed, author has lost discretion in this, Wicky is in Thailand, pray for Thailand, the trio is along for the ride, fated mates, Thai magic, don’t mind the author I’m just over here building a ship, Sun is the younger of the two but he’s also resigned to being the responsible one, chosen family, Mobius talks—in Thai, Wicky feels so betrayed, look this is pure romantic crack, Sun is cute that’s all you need to know

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