Loving Demons
Loving Demons
Fae Revealed - Book 3

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Release Date:September 19, 2023
Duration:7 hr, 28 min

Nothing worth getting is ever easy.

I think that’s how the saying goes. I could definitely do with a little easy right now, though it doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Surrounded by murder, espionage, and men far too sexy for their own good, every day is a whirlwind. Even my newfound powers may not be enough to help as enemies slither from the shadows. Things with my guys are heating up, and new revelations are on the horizon as we explore each other and try to find our balance in this world. When one of my own is taken from me, I must embrace a side of myself I didn’t know existed. I’ll do anything and everything to ensure the survival of the men I’ve grown to care for. Am I strong enough to fight against threats I can’t even begin to comprehend? Do I have what it takes to save those I love, the men considered demons by the rest of the world? I’m beginning to realize that I love my demons—but maybe to protect them, I’ll have to embrace the ones inside of my own mind. Loving Demons is book three in the Fae Revealed series. This reverse harem romance will end in a minor cliffhanger. Intended for mature listeners.

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