The Scholars

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Performed By:C.J. Mission
Release Date:October 20, 2020
Format:Single Narration
Duration:12 hr, 42 min

After taking the advice of a former Guardian and abandoning his home, Stian must rebuild his life, and in the process, learn a lot more about the world around him....

Stian’s first meeting with the Elves in their valley didn't quite go as he had hoped. While healing from his wounds, he’s tasked with trying to earn their trust, which, because of past occurrences, won’t be easy. In order to win them over, he’ll need to learn a whole lot more about them - and about magic.  However, Stian is facing a much more serious threat...and he’ll need a lot more than magic to be able to respond to this newfound danger. He’ll need the support of allies. The Scholars is book two of The Hidden Heritage, a series about courage, betrayal, and love in a magical world of elves and trolls.

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