The Merchants

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Performed By:C.J. Mission
Release Date:November 16, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Duration:14 hr, 31 min

Stian had a plan...and it worked. He's out of the library and the books are safe. The only problem: He isn't alone

. He has Kara with him, and not only that, Hanna has decided to join him on his trip back to the safety of valley. The journey might not go quite as smoothly as Stian had planned, and more complications will certainly arise. However, he's doing his best to follow a plan that _should _ensure the safety of his family and all the natural Mages. However, in order to carry out that plan, Stian needs more resources and more people...people who can do Magic. Stian gave his promise to the dying Halvard to keep Kara safe, but can she be trusted? Keeping his skills hidden is not an easy task...even if he could trust his friends. Follow Stian's quest to find more natural Mages and become a successful merchant. The Merchant is book three of The Hidden Heritage, a series about courage, betrayal, and love in a magical world of elves and trolls.

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