Painting the Mists

Titles From This Series
Clear Sky
Words of Creation
Crown of the Starry Sky
Claddings of Light
Painting the Mists: Volume 1
Echoes of Divinity
Pendulum of Fate, Part 1
Pendulum of Fate, Part 2
Blood Moon
Light in the Darkness
Pure Jade
Painting the Mists: Volume 2
Corrupted Crimson
Shifting Tides
Shattered Lands
Edge of Oblivion
Release Date:December 31, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:397 hr, 24 min

Martial cultivators, flying swords, and magic talismans.

Life for Cha Ming is a daily grind. A rat race where people don’t make any real decisions. When he asks the universe for something more, fate itself answers his prayer. A talisman brush older than time itself sends him to another world, where magic, fortune, and danger await. Now, the world is at his fingertips. He has a new life, a new body, and can wield the five elements. It’s too bad his new home is a place where might makes right, and immortal cultivators and demons fight at the drop of a hat. But where the divine brush goes, danger follows. As its wielder, Cha Ming can’t stay out of trouble. There are many who seek the Clear Sky Brush, and they’ll stop at nothing to find it....

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