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Release Date:January 30, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:21 hr, 20 min

The world is collapsing. Planesfall is imminent.

Cha Ming and friends have returned to the Inkwell Plane. They are much strengthened from their experiences in the Heartforge Realm and ready to make a difference. But it’s not just them who have returned—their enemies have as well. What’s worse, the Churches of Jezeriah and Harid Dej have captured the Monkey King. It falls to his student, Cha Ming, to save him. All this pales in comparison to the true threat: the rise of the Inkwell Clan and their leader’s mysterious rebirth. The Inkwell Plane is crumbling at the seams, and only Cha Ming, the wielder of the Clear Sky Brush, can save it.

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