To Thunderous Applause
To Thunderous Applause
131 Days - Book 5

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Release Date:June 4, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Duration:13 hr, 44 min

As the pit fighters face new threats and old enemies, the arena will be awash in blood, in the fifth volume of this thrilling fantasy series.

Goll quickly realizes he may have killed one opponent too many when he confronts the wrath of a dead gladiator’s stable in a slew of blood matches. Outside the Pit, Brozz fights for his life and Borchus finds refuge with an old friend.   Struggling to recover from his wounds and seeking a purpose, Halm of Zhiberia discovers that giving up a pit fighter’s life isn’t as easy as it seems . . . nor is it his decision alone. And in the west, a monstrous enemy makes itself known—and positions itself to strike at both the games and Sunja’s heart.   Perfect for fans of Gladiator and A Game of Thrones!

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